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A complete application, submitted entirely online, includes the following materials:

Complete online application form

The application for the SOLAR Program is now closed. We have received more than 300 applications. We are very excited to start reviewing your applications. Thank you all for applying with so much thoughtfulness and effort and good luck with the next steps of the selection process! We will contact semi-finalists at the end of March.

Project Task

Candidates are asked to submit one piece of project work (a Powerpoint presentation on one of our three main space topic themes) with their application. Please read the following instructions for completing and submitting this project work.

1. Сandidates should produce a PowerPoint presentation on one of the following three themes:

  • aerospace engineering;
  • aerospace science;
  • or space history, space industry management, space policy and law.


2. Research your chosen theme using the resources available to you to develop your Powerpoint presentation.

For inspiration, examples of research areas you could focus on, if you have chosen aerospace engineering, might include: prototypes, schemes, concepts and designs for space hardware that could be applied and implemented in the Russian aerospace industry, microsatellites and / or manned spaceflight projects.

Examples of research areas you could focus on, if you have chosen aerospace science, might include: scientific research on space, space science, space exploration, space weather, astrophysics, astronomy, space medicine and / or bioastronautics.

Examples of research areas you could focus on, if you have chosen space history, space industry management, space policy and law, might include: space debris mitigation, space insurance and / or international cooperation in space.

These are just examples of things you might research for your theme. Choose a subject, or subjects, that interest you.


3. Use our template Powerpoint presentation to produce your project. You can download it here: use this template

Note: please stay within 100-300 words per each slide.

Please save your PowerPoint presentation into PDF format before uploading to your application.


4. Lastly attach your completed file to your online application form.

Criteria for evaluating the submissions

Your submission will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Problem evaluation: what is the actual problem in the space industry your project is aimed to tackle?
  • Project idea: how innovative, how efficient, how applicable is the idea of your project?
  • Project implementation: what tangible results did you produce within your project work? How the results of your work can be used in the industry?
  • Partnerships: what kind of partners and experts did you rely on to succeed in your project?

Letters of recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required from individuals who are familiar with the applicant and the applicant’s work in an academic, extracurricular activities or community service setting.

Recommendations should explain a relationship to the applicant, provide an overview of the applicant’s strengths and elaborate why he/she would be a good fit for the SOLAR Program. Recommendations should directly address the applicant’s suitability for the SOLAR Program.

Recommendations should not be written by family members or friends.

There is no standard template for the recommendation letter and can be written in a free form.

Recommendations can be written in Russian with the unofficial translation made by the applicant and attached to the original letter.

Recommendations should be atttached to the completed online application form.

Personal data consent agreement

Should be attached to your online application form. Download form.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.